Company History

Fortress Sytem is an ICT firm born in the year 2006 by young passionate team of programmers. The company started in Awka Anambra State while the Directorb was a student and was later shifted to Nnewi Anambra State after his graduation due to massive business opportuinity he foresee in the city.

Due to the passion to centralise her networks through out the various state of the federation, the company still having branch in Nnewi, is presently having her headquarter in Benin Edo state Nigeria. Presently the company have branches in various state like :

Lagos , Edo , Anambra, Abia , Imo state , etc. and is still aspiring to shoot into other states knowing full well that her services is needed all over the federation.
The company team of network staff positioned through out the federation, working in a very tight network make it easy for the company to execute her projects with ease and within the minimum time possible.

Our Valuable Customers

Name Web Address/Application
Fountain Digital Network Onistha Foutain Intranet
The Great China Foundation International Schools / Online Students Result Master
Mother of Mercy Secondary School Nnewi / Online Students Result Master
Fountain of Knowledge Model School Nnewi / Online Students Result Master
Paragon International Accademy / Online Students Result Master
Mercy Foundation For Youths and women in Needs
You are next......... etc. just to mention a few Your business , school , organisation, Institution website , application, intranet etc.

Our Promise

1. To Develope a customisable online and offline application that meet your test and vision

2. To deliver your project at barest minimum time possible

3. To promote and link your organisation to the masses that need your services and products

Our Mission Statement

To bridge the gap between computer online and offline illiteracy by unting as many as we possible can to the global village via development of customised user friendly online and offline applications.